Saturday, 13 April 2013

Moving and Progressing

Recently i came across a very powerful statement with a perfect example clearly defining the statement. So ,i ask you this question ARE YOU PROGRESSING OR MOVING?..In life ,we do a lot of activities.Some of us also find it really difficult to spend time with their  families,friends and close ones because of the responsibilities . Now the example following the statement is similar to a ride in a merry-go-round. In the ride ,the movement is there but we are actually not progressing at all.There might be lot of rounds in the ride but actually there is no progress.We are stationary only with the illusion that we are progressing ahead. In our life also,we tend to do the same mistake.We have done a lot of activities,still doing and will continue to do but are we really progressing in life? What are we learning every single day?Is the activity or job we do will take us to our goal ,will we learn anything out of it are certain questions that need to be asked again and again and again.The biggest investment that we do is time but people tend to get stuck in everything else other than it. Money,emotions,boy,girl,event,place,words,blame and others.We actually lose a lot of quality time in it.Chances of money coming back is possible but this moment ,right now,the moment which just passed ,this moment ,its passing, you can never get it back. Take up new projects, be creative,Start to invest in yourself,learn skills,take responsibilities,fail,make mistakes and keep learning ,this is the protocol of becoming a successful person.In our Indian tradition there is a ideology of narayana and lakshmi who are married .Narayana who is all knowledge and lakshmi who is all wealth move together.But people generally have longingness for wealth or  lakshmi all the time but she has to go wherever narayana or knowledge goes.So its actually smart enough to follow narayana and lakshmi will come following.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Do not wait..till its.......

As i spent the day ,almost on the bed because i was down with fever and the tyranny where neither could i sleep nor did i feel like doing anything,i  decided to check around whats happening around the globe.Somehow i landed up watching certain videos and they really struck a nerve in me........I ,u, we all human beings,do have some areas of our life where we are not quite sure about and have left it on life to take its own coarse. There iss nothing much we are able to do about those areas.But what about certain things that we are certain of,things that will never change even till we breathe out our last breath.Now as one of the video ran,i almost remembered thoughts till my days back in school and came back to the present.Most of us are surrounded by some amazing people and we love them and care for them but we never express it nor bring it on our lips.Whats wrong in telling your closed ones how  much you love them,how much you care for them?These people may be your mom,dad,bro,sis,husband,wife,boyfriend,girlfriend,maid,driver,cook,gardener,dhobi etc but think about a life minus the special ones from your life.You are gonna become handicapped mentally and emotionally....So lets begin appreciating people for what they have done for us,for their care,for their support,for their love before its too late.......I called up some of my closed ones...did you?
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Live before you leave.....

We human beings have a peculiar quality of living life on others behavior.Like if someone says something weird to you may be because their state of mind was disturbed,we tend to get disturbed and spoil our mental state and it gets carried the whole day.Oh you know,that person said this to me..why didn't he look at me? why didn't she call me? etc etc......Life could be more magical when you are free.Just close your eyes,take a breath in and breath out and imagine yourself doing all that you want to do,free from the clutches of living life on others behavior,enjoying every moment of your life and having a unshakable smile,come what may be the situation.You are absolutely free,completely free...This kind of life is absolutely possible and there are people who have started living this life.Though this kind of life needs certain skills and some grace........Now how is this gonna happen?How are you gonna incorporate these skills and from where you gonna have the grace? ....Self-help books,talks,seminars etc. which are not practical enough and might take forever before you see some change? NO...The answer lies within and to realize that you need the help of a enlightened master,a sat-guru ....As 'HE' mentions,the best place in this whole universe is the journey inwards. My exciting  journey inwards has begun with my master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar..The days before his presence  life was mere existing,now i can say I AM LIVING cause he teaches us the ART OF LIVING and he is the best in his job.My experience will say that:If you have a bigger vision,want to take bigger responsibilities or want to do things that lie outside your comfort zone,then you need a master in your life.Some of the important skills like handling stress,managing people,communicating well(that doesnt mean putting on accent or enriched vocab) get incorporated inside you as you gradually practice the techniques that are being taught in ART OF LIVING course.Most important is you become happy and are hopeful about life which i think the whole world is searching for but doesn't no where to search for.So there people tend to take a easy path of temporary happiness like drugs,alcohol, cigarettes,engaging in sexual acts which at one point stop giving you pleasure and you are only left with with a rotten body and spoiled mind.These temporary activities which only show us a promise of pleasure,leave us dying before we actually die....So,now, let the people think just for a minute ,not much only for a minute and keep on asking the same question again and again and again and again to themselves,ARE we existing or living?what are we doing to live before we leave?...............

Sunday, 6 January 2013

So...this begins a new practice of blogging,in short, a platform to express your ideas and opinions.In democracy everyone has the right to put forward their views and social media plays a major role in reaching to a large mass very easily.After the INTERNATIONAL BLOGGERS CONFERENCE at ART OF LIVING INTERNATIONAL CENTER,BANGALORE many youngsters are coming forward to put forward their views on several topics.Welcome ALL......
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